A Random act of Kindness

Yesterday night, when I was returning back home I stopped at a traffic light. Two little kids rushed to me urging to buy balloons from them.
Recently, it has become a custom to buy balloons from them every now and then as I bring it home and give to neighbor’s kids but, yesterday I told them that I don’t need any.

One kid rushed away to pursue another driver but, the other one stayed there. While I was munching some chips to ease my hunger, the kid stood there… glancing at me, looking at my chips, secretly wishing she had them.Before i could make it out, she suddenly said shyly, “can I have some chips?” I smiled a little and handed her the whole packet. Who can say no to a kid’s innocent demands.

She ran… suddenly surrounded by her friends . All of them sat on the Sidewalk, carefully distributing the chips equally and I drove away, maybe a little satisfied with myself to cheer up someone realizing that little things we do, add up to big  gradually.

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