You can fix me some sweet wine,

I will fix you some potions to poison.
You can sing me your songs of love,

I will sing you a dirge.

You can kiss me till you fall asleep,

I will cry when you won’t wake up.

And you can love me your whole life,

Till I end it with a carving knife.

You will look at the moon and wonder why

I will act sad, my smile sly.

You will remember

How the same arms comforted you

In which you will die.

And then suddenly…

My smile will fade

 And my chest will hurt.

With your blood, 

My tears would touch the earth.

And you can see me 

Shell-shocked, standing there.

And you can smile at my plight,

Having done my duty there.

You can sing me a lullaby,

And I will Realize why…

Why the knife feels heavy,

Trembling is my hand.

Or how your kisses were sweeter,

Than the taste of revenge.

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