Did you hear???

I overheard two girls talk about you, bitch about you.I felt uneasy. I think of you as a sweet person even if I don’t know you much. I felt the urge to interrupt them but, immediately realised that maybe it doesn’t matter. So,why am I telling you this? 

Because, I realised that there aren’t specifically just two girls who want to degrade you and there won’t be just two.

People will intrude in your life and try to make every little presumption that  occurs in their closed heads. They will look at you with their narrow eyes trying to figure out an obnoxious reason to illustrate every aspect of your personality. So, what do you do? How do you face them. Do you ignore? Do you tell them to shut up? Do you talk back nonsense about them too? I don’t know… But, I am pretty sure that you don’t care about their opinions. Yet, sometimes, someday it will irk you and it is for that day that I want you to remember this. All I am saying is that you might be the worst person ever, you might be the evilest soul,but don’t let anyone who doesn’t know you ever decide who you are. Just don’t. 

You are you. You will be loved, you will be hated. You are bold and outgoing. Your personality intimidates people. Your courage to stand out startles them. And thus you will be discouraged by those who can’t understand you. 

They will be in awe with your life, dig for all little details, make squirming webs of gossips but, all of it behind your back. Because you are above them, ahead of them. Because,you are you and you are beyond the reach of their negativity. 

I wish you always keep your head high and your soul humble. 

Ps:I would have told you what I think of you but, it doesn’t matter. 😊

I want to make one more point with this post. Why do women even talk nonsense about other women. Why not learn to love other women. I compliment around 3 people daily I guess. I love each individual for their little gifts. Do the same and if you can’t , at least don’t talk negative about them. Love each other. Spread positivity. Rise together.😘😘😘


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