Ghost Town.

Take me with you this time

To all the magical lands you go.

Take me with you.

Show me what brightens your day.

Bring me flowers from gardens

That flourish in your head each day.

Take me to the shore of that sea

That you dive in, to escape from reality.

Let’s build a Sandcastle there,

From the sands of your shattered dreams.

Let’s solve the puzzles, 

Of all the thoughts you couldn’t hold back.

Let’s take a pen,

And write a poem

On the ghost towns inside your head.

Hi. So, everyone has all these thoughts inside their head. Positive ones… Good.. keep going. Why not also share and spread some positivity. But, what about negative ones. Often in some people these thoughts grow and grow and take the form of a monster that eats them inside, keeps them awake at night, makes them feel hopeless. 

A lot of kids suffer from depression feeling often misunderstood and wishing if only there was someone they can tell all of their feelings to. 

So, let’s be more open to people. Talk to them and get to know them. Anyone can be in need of that. Spread positivity. 😘


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