The Accident

Tied to your dreams

are my thoughts that follow,

on days when my sun doesn’t rise

and my world still collapses

Tied to me

are memories of a home

beautiful even if unkempt

Now, it just echoes with

all the nights I have wept

Tied to a stranger

is all my anger

often questioning, 

if the regret ever anchors them down.

Were your blood stains on their car

easy to wipe?

Or do they ask for forgiveness everyday, for taking a life

Tied to some questions

is an empty swing

Asking me why I was always too busy for you

And why now, for even just one glimpse of you,

I would give up everything.

You don’t really know how long someone is around you, whether situations or decisions take them, just tell people how important they are and try to have the most of your time with them. I miss so many of my friends even my brother. I know they are just one call away but, I really wish sometimes I could re-live all those days with them.


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