Warriors going to war

brave men and patriots

saving the motherland

shedding the sweat and blood

riding on backs of horses

gallant knights in shining armors

soon to be covered

with dust and blood

and charging towards them

is the enemy army

also, the brave men

in another land.

patriots fighting for their clan

As they clash,

blood is shed

spilling upon the same earth

that feeds both ends

and will be abode to bodies

of lost souls alike.

Victory of one,loss of another

and when the sword will cut,

it will only kill a brother.

and the ghosts of the sword’s art

will be celebrated when it’s over

some will return back to home

in comfort of embracing arms

some will return as a news

and an end of a realm

wars have gone, more wars to come

but, beneath the Panoply  will always be a human.


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