Fate and it’s games

​” How diabolic is your game fate? 

How unfair the games you play? 

I traded my soul for the ink 

Yet every story ends the same way.”

” How fatuous, have you been man

How stupid, to turn my boon to curse

I traded magic for your petty soul 

You decided to begin with a sad verse”

I will be honest. I only wrote the first segment first but, I sent it to a friend who always discourages my negative and sad aspects of poems. So, I felt I should write something positive and in sheer fear of his reaction to it, I wrote the second segment and I believe it turned out wonderful.

I think it’s okay to feel sad too. Aren’t we incomplete without this feeling. How will we praise the abundance without scarcity. I am not saying one should frown or give up but, just that if you are sad, don’t pretend to be ok. It’s easier to realise a problem and find a solution than to ignore it. I feel sad at this moment because I feel helpless about somethings and scared too. But, at the same time I know i have to give my best to deal with it all. 

You will find a way out too.Ok. Have a great day.


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