With You

All my storms turn to beautiful rains with you
All my pains get diminished by my smiles with you
With you, my restless thoughts
come to stay
My turmoils all disappear away
Even my dreams are peaceful with you
You fight my nightmares, you protect me too
It’s just all at peace, I believe
When I am with you,
every wound heals.
You are my little angel
You are my most cherished blessing
You don’t just own a part
You are undoubtedly my other half
You taught me to slow down,
when I was just racing around.
With you, the clocks tick slow.
I notice little things about myself, that I didn’t know
While I am busy taking care of everyone and everything
you are always there to care about me
you are my best friend.
With you, I am me
Without you, I am incomplete.


I rememeber writing this poem in such a short duration. words came very easily to convey this. I wrote it for a friend, not just a friend… basically now an inevitable part of my life. it suprises me how people can cross your path at such irrelevant times and then one day you realize, they have become your lifeline. I am actually very blessed. I have so many amazing people around me who are my backbone.

I had a very mixed day: sad about something in the morning and my junior made sure I was feeling great again.Then my project group worked really hard and we got full marks. Later, I actually broke down ( reason might sound stupid so, i am not posting it). Finally, this guy.. my best friend texted after so many days with an amazing news about him and now i am only happy, above all sad things.

sorry for boring you with my story…. but, i just felt i had to write it.Also, i love this poem so much and it describes so many people in my life.



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