Perfectly Happy-A Short Story

“Where is he? He’s here? I want to meet him too.” I said with all alacrity to my friend Dhrishti. Like every other normal person, I too was a fan of love stories. No.. no.. not the dreamy, highly emotional teenage stuff but, in a more peaceful sense, the kind where you listen to how two people made it together through all hardships or how they grew together, how one changed another’s life forever for better etc., the kind where you appreciate people’s togetherness.

So, Dhrishti had been with a guy for more than 3 years even though they were now in different schools and their story was something everyone  loved to hear mostly because they knew the sad end. She knew they won’t end up together no matter how much they loved each other due to their families’ unacceptance.Yet, they spent all the happy times they could, together.We loved them and I still remember when I met him for the first time and saw her off to his car. I remember how perfectly happy she was.

Time passed and they broke up. Everyone expected a gloomy environment then, a sobbing, broken Dhrishti but, it was the exact opposite. She was okay. She didn’t cry even once and thus, I knew she had decided to bear it alone, keeping her chin up.They decided to slowly leave out. Daily phone calls turned weekly and then monthly and then they faded away, almost. Few months later, I heard she started dating another guy and they were pretty serious.

Now, I am not the kind of person who intrudes into people’s lives or judges them. In fact,I am the living example of Jessica Day from New Girl. So, unlike everyone else, I took zero interest in why she got into another relationship so soon. I never cared to wonder about that and specifically not question her character or her love for her previous boyfriend. I felt if she is happy with this new guy, I am happy for her too. Weeks passed and Dhrishti soon realised I didn’t approve of her new boyfriend but, she knew me. She didn’t question my disapproval and I never objected to her relationship, no matter how I felt.

One day, few of our friends and us were sitting together, talking about random stuff and doing our individual work. One of our friends started teasing Dhrishti about her boyfriend. They laughed, shared some jokes.I laughed along and suddenly she said :”But, she doesn’t like him.”She said that with a laugh and I replied with the same and yet, my answer was Missing. They poked me and asked again playfully. I hesitated, took a quick breath and said,”Because….””because I think she doesn’t deserve him. He is good but, not good enough for her.” I knew her smile had faded, lost in thoughts she keeps to herself. We stayed silent for a moment and she broke it with a random topic. I was glad about that.

I can still see her struggling alone sometimes, trying to get out more of her relationship, waiting for replies to her texts and making calls, unreceived mostly.I often wonder why she is still with him.I don’t compare it to her previous relationship but, I just feel it could be better.Despite everything, I know one thing: She is braver than all of us and even though she cares too much about people’s opinions, she is smart enough to make her own decisions and that’s why I know she will make through.How would I know anything about relationships when my love has always been unreciprocated and neither have I accepted anyone’s. How would I know that sometimes you need to put in extra effort or the absences are a quaint aspect. Maybe I am just lingering in a fading memory of her walking away to a car, perfectly happy.

I took out time to write this because I really wanted to. I am extremely busy and yet, something pushed me to write this. Now, this is kind of a true story,names changed of course. I love this friend of mine and I know she might soon read this and wonder why I wrote it. Part of her might hate me too, for writing it so unhesitatingly but, I also know her. As I have said, she is braver than all of us and really smart too. Also, no. I don’t hate her boyfriend or want her to break up. I just don’t like to see her wasted efforts.but, I know she knows how to create her happiness.

Also, the name “Dhrishti”. It’s the name of  a friend’s girlfriend. Actually, girlfriend of someone I know. I really like everyone and become friends with people easily without realising they might not feel same. so, anyways, I just like her name and as little as I know her, I absolutely love her. 


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