It comes like sunlight

through curtains’ translucence 

And fills your world with light

It doesn’t judge you

For sins of yesterday 

Or asks about the plans

For each day

It just comes 

And brightens a dark room

Full of regrets, loathing into a pillow 

Or the tears no one saw sliding across your face

It comes and wakes you up 

From deep slumbers, 

Every time you gave up 

It comes and pushes you off your discouraging bed

From under the bedsheet of all bad memories 

To keep you going, chalk out another plan

To make you put on the tie of faith

And take your walks in polished shoes of luck

And chase your dreams on new roads to destination 

Till you meet them

Or again, give up

And you Retreat to seclusion 

Under the elongated bedsheet of unfulfilled dreams

But, it will come again tomorrow 

To make you believe in new dreams.


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