Can you?

Can you hear me?

My racing thoughts 

Of regret and injustice

Of being not enough

And worthless

Can you see me?

Pondering over a genuine laughter 

Echoing in the back of head

Often looking up in these hollows 

Searching for someone who was full of life

Can hear me?

The muffled sobs 

in between my poor jokes

And the screams 

Only shower curtains hear

Can you see me?

Through my forced smiles

And conflicted hair-do

And the non smudge liner

That contours my once dreamy big eyes

Can you hear me?

Smashing windows 

Inside my head

Calling out to help me escape

This cage of parasitic thoughts

Can you see me?

Zoning out to fantasies

Running away

From a tearing-apart reality

Can you help me?

Before these walls converge.


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