Fear: a co-traveller


Is like a co-traveller

On your way to your dreams

Who has trailed these paths before

Whom you try to outrun in loop

And yet, he traces his path back to you



Will constantly whisper in your ear

About all the dire aspects of the path

All possibilities that you will be lost

He would climb on your back

And let you not tread ahead


Feeds on your insecurities

And becomes heavier

But, with each passing step

Each step that you get better

Makes it weaker

And when your destination is visible

Fear disappears.


2 thoughts on “Fear: a co-traveller

  1. sbbarthwal says:

    It is really awesome and the observation it self very keen and written in a very fluent way.
    feel like a the absolute truth.
    cool yar

    Liked by 1 person

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