Loving you

Loving you Is like stepping on the grass of a neighbour's lawn You can't, you shouldn't Yet, all the time you accidentally do The grass feels soft beneath your feet But, it wasn't, isn't and wouldn't be Your property . Loving you Is like entering into a supermarket with a devised list for diet And … Continue reading Loving you


You’ll Survive

If you are lost Or confused which path to choose If you have lost faith in self Or feel your strengths are of no use If you are alone Or feel lost in a crowd If you're crying inside Or want to scream out loud Just hang on A little longer Have faith In the … Continue reading You’ll Survive


There was a distance between us And you began to walk You smiled at me and called my name And I couldn't believe my luck You came near, held your hand out I was too afraid to touch Sure you made my heart beat drop But, I had just forgotten how to love So, I … Continue reading Touch